There are a few options to help you uncover consumer and market data that will position your company, product, or service in the market for consistent growth — in both customers and revenue — month-after-month.

Which business mystery are you located looking to solve?

The Mystery of Increased Churn

Whodunnit? (Segmentation)

The Mystery of Slow Growth and Sluggish Revenue

The Mystery of Low Satisfaction and Loyalty

The Mystery of Poor Product-Market Fit

Every good detective begins by asking a lot of questions, and then finds ways to answer them:


  • Segmentation
  • Cultural mapping
  • Persona Development


  • Surveys
  • Quantitative Tools (NPS, SUS, SES, surveys, CSAT, etc.)
  • Conjoint, Max Diff, or Discrete Choice Models


  • Experiments, A/B testing, Multivariate testing


  • Ethnography
  • Intercept Studies
  • Shop-a-longs


  • Interviews ("Jobs to be done," 1:1, dyads, triads, focus groups, etc.)
  • Qualitative Content Analysis
  • Secondary research


  • Mixed Methods
  • Diary or Camera Studies
  • Time Motion Studies

Now it's time to "choose your own adventure..."

Want a consulting detective to solve your mystery for you?

This is simple; I conduct the investigation, make sense of it all, and present it to you. This is for those who want an intensive, "hands-on" approach.

Let's schedule some time to discuss your case.

Every detective goes through the academy.

This is your "Training Day" opportunity. I train you (or your staff) to be self-sufficient investigators. Click below to learn how to Think Like a Detective™ and solve even the most complex cases involving consumer and market behavior. 

Every detective has a partner. I am yours.

Like Sherlock and Watson, we will solve your mystery together. I work with your team to guide the research, ensuring a successful investigation. This is for those who want coaching and guidance, but still want to be involved in the investigation (project).

Let's schedule some time to discuss your case.

Or, for those who aren't ready to commit to a full investigation, I offer some "ride-a-long" options...

The Line-up

In a 75-minute session, we will create a screener, aka profile, that you can use to conduct research, develop and validate personas, segmentation, etc.


Private Eye

You have 60-minutes to discuss your case. This is an opportunity to ASK an academically credentialed, battle-tested, consumer psychologist, retired police investigator, and marketing expert about any challenge facing your business.


Just the Facts

In a 75-minute session, we will create a research strategy and ONE of the following; an interview discussion guide, a survey instrument, or some other research tool that is certain to get you the facts like Joe Friday.


The Wire

Send me your interview recording (or transcript) — up to 30 minutes — and I will: (a) triangulate your results, (b) surface new insights, and (c) critique and improve your interview skills for the future. 


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