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Get accelerated results in less than a week through an intensive, 1:1, interactive workshop with the world's only consulting detective on consumer and market behavior.

You need to start marketing and selling today—not weeks or months from now.

Every day you delay, is a day that your competition gets a stronger foothold in the mind of your target market.

You need a way to clarify your value to customers to be top of mind when a customer is ready to buy. 

And you need it now.

With the SIMPLE Positioning Accelerator:

  • You get started at break-neck speed; a 90-minute jumpstart that helps you take action TODAY.
  • You will leave with the ability to clearly communicate your value to potential customers. This will immediately put you in front of 99% of the competition who are trying to be cute and clever rather than clear.
  • You will have tangible assets to ensure your brand is remembered when it matters most—when someone is ready to purchase.

After all, you want customers. I quickly help them find—and remember—you. 

As a service-based business founder, I see you. I understand the challenges you face from personal experience. 

Using my knowledge of consumer behavior from work as a consumer psychologist, my investigative experience as a metropolitan police detective, and the SIMPLE™ positioning process developed from real-world experience at Twitter, Panasonic, and Altria—but designed for SMB’s—I help you identify the problems that customers will pay to solve and position your business as the solution to those problems.

What you get:

  • A 90-minute innovation workshop (using online whiteboard tools)
  • The creation of tangible positioning assets that will set your brand up for consistent growth—month-after-month
  • Delivery of a logo and visuals that align with your new branding and positioning
  • Concrete action steps for you to take following the workshop delivered in a Positioning Brief

Price: $4997

How it works:

Upon payment, we schedule a 90-minute session where:

  1. We rapidly identify the “bleeding neck” problems your customers have
  2. We position your products or services as the best—and only—solution to those problems
  3. Your customers “get you” and you get more customers

At Profile for Profit we know that you want to be the top of mind choice for customers. In order to do that, you need to clearly position your product, brand, or service as the best solution to your customers’ problems and pains. The problem is, how can a customer possibly remember you with all repetitive marketing and advertising noise from other brands, which makes you virtually unseen and forgotten.

We believe in an even playing field. All businesses—even those without multi-million dollar advertising, branding, and marketing budgets—deserve to be seen. As a small business ourselves, we understand, and we see you. Which is why—using the tools we developed for Twitter, Panasonic, and Altria—we continue to help small and medium-sized, service-based businesses position their brands as the best and only solution to their customers’ most burning problems.

Space is limited.


What are some of the deliverables I get?

In your Positioning Brief you will get:

  • We define your Points of Parity, i.e. what are “table stakes” for your offer;
  • We identify and isolate your Point of Difference, i.e. your unique attributes of features;
  • We develop a Statement of Value;
  • We develop a Positioning Story;
  • We develop your proprietary Three-Step Process;
  • We build or wireframe a sales page (or landing page) with your new positioning;
  • A logo and visuals that align with your branding and positioning;
  • Actionable, concrete instruction on how you can integrate your new positioning into you marketing.
How do I know I am positioned right?

Positioning is an art and a science. We do everything we can to ensure accuracy through detective-grade profiling tactics and investigation skills to uncover your market’s motives, methods, and intent to have confidence that you are positioned on a profitable and real problem. That said, there are only two guarantees in life; death and taxes.

Can we validate my positioning after the Accelerator?

Of course! In fact, we offer a Positioning Accelerator where we use interviews and investigation to iteratively validate your positioning.

What if I have questions after the Accelerator?

We will answer them. It is on our roadmap to include a dedicated Slack channel for our customers to ensure they are able to get the help they need following the Jumpstart and Accelerator. Until then, shoot us an email and we will answer any and all questions you have.

What is the SIMPLE Framework?
  • The first step is surveillance, which is focused on getting to deeply know your customer.
  • The second step is identification, which is focused on the identification of competitive alternatives.
  • The third step is map, which helps you map your features to the value they offer and clearly delineates points of parity (table stakes) and point of differentiation (why you are better).
  • The fourth step is profile; this is where you create a specific customer profile from everything you’ve learned, enabling your marketing to be more effective than ever before.
  • The fifth step is leverage, which is where we look for mental and emotional connections to the things that matter to your customers to give your brand, product, or service access to more mental real estate.
  • The sixth step is execute, which is where you create a Positioning Statement, a Brand Story, and begin to incorporate your new positioning into your marketing; this is where the rubber meets the road.

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