The Sherlock Holmes of Consumer and Market Behavior

Ari Zelmanow headshot

I’ve been called “The Sherlock Holmes of Consumer and Market Behavior”...

And with a title like that, it’s safe to say that I approach this UX and market research thing a bit differently. 

Allow my experience to serve you.

Corporate Executive Experience

I have vast experience working with some of the most iconic companies on the planet. I currently lead a research, analytics, and insights team at Gtmhub. Prior, I led research teams at Twitter, Indeed, and Panasonic. I have effectively worked with CPG, tech, and eCommerce teams to position their products and service for predictable growth.

Peace of mind about methodology

As a true mixed-method researcher, I have a really large and diverse toolbox. I earned a graduate certificate from the University of Georgia in consumer and market research and earned the Insights Professional Certification (IPC) and the Certified Market Research Professional (CMRP).

What you deserve, the best

I was recently awarded the distinguished Insights Professional Laureate designation. A lifetime achievement award for those who have demonstrated lifetime excellence in the insights field.

Into your customer’s head

I get your customer’s psychology. As a consumer psychologist, I am a full member of the American Psychological Association. You must hold a doctorate in a psychological discipline to become a full member.

I earned an academic doctorate so you don’t have to

My education will go to work for you. I earned a doctorate studying human learning and decision-making. This makes me uniquely qualified to provide academic explanations of human behavior.

Investigation skills that work for you

As a metropolitan police detective, I learned firsthand that human judgment and decision-making don't occur in a vacuum. My front-row seat to "real" people, making "real" decisions, within the context of the "real world" helps me contextualize consumer decision-making.

I won’t quit on your business

I am an Ironman. Just like tenacity got me across that finishline, I will get your project across the finish line. The proof is in the pudding. I finished of a 140.6 mile race (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run). If I can do that, I can do anything.

About the time a famous band played a song for me at a concert

I went to see a Five for Fighting concert and arrived early enough to be at the soundcheck. There I met lead singer John Ondrasik and told him that I felt his piano playing was inspired by Elton John. He went over to his piano and played a few bars of Rocket Man. A few hours later, at the concert, Ondrasik announced that he was "going to play an old song for a new friend." He played Rocket Man while I stood in the front row with a huge smile on his face.

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