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Hi, I’m Ari. I’m a retired police detective turned product strategist and UX/market researcher. I think it’s a crime to use bad data to make product decisions.

So I help solve the crime by connecting you to high-quality consumer and market data.

Ari Zelmanow

Nearly every product development team struggles in the last mile—going from insights to impact. This reason is that it doesn’t happen organically. To make it happen, there must be a bulletproof plan. One that purposefully connects research insights to business strategy.

The problem is, research is seen as a service organization—not a partner. It’s hard to give good counsel when you don’t have a seat at the table.

So how do you flip the script?

I believe research should serve as a senior advisor to the business. We shouldn’t deliver data. We shouldn’t deliver insights. We should deliver counsel.

As a product strategist and research leader, I understand the challenges we all face in developing products—competing and diminishing budgets, “turf wars”, difficult stakeholders, lack of knowledge about what “research” actually does—which is why I have developed best in class, detective-grade, research tools, templates, and frameworks that help product teams build world-class UX and market research functions and teams.

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Here's how I work:

1. You reach out to the world’s only consulting detective of consumer and market behavior (that’s me).

2. Using my detective-grade methods, I help you understand your customers, users, and markets.

3. You win by knowing your customers, users, and market better than the competition.

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